• Cauliflower Tabbouleh with Crunchy Chickpeas

    Cauliflower Tabbouleh with Crunchy Chickpeas

    This Cauliflower Tabbouleh with Crunchy Chickpeas makes the perfect BBQ side salad! Not only is it full of fresh flavours, but it can also be made well in advance so you can spend your…

    14th July 2016
  • Why I'm Giving Up Sugar

    Why I’m Going Fruit Free…

    The World Health Government recommends we eat around 6–9 tsps of added sugars a day, but the UK average is actually between 21-23 tsps, so significantly more then the recommended allowance! Where is all…

    28th June 2016
  • Warming Spring Vegetable Stew

    Warming Spring Vegetable Stew

    In England summer rarely means endless sunshine, instead for every day of sun, we usually have about 5 days of torrential rain. Although this means we really appreciate our sporadic bursts of sunshine, on…

    14th June 2016
  • Treat yourself

    Why It’s Time to Start Treating Yourself

      When you think of treating yourself are you overwhelmed with feelings of guilt? Many feel that doing something purely for themselves is self-indulgent and not a good use of their time, money or…

    12th June 2016
  • Sugar Free Strawberry Ice Lollies

    Sugar Free Strawberry Ice Lollies

    It finally seems like summer is arriving so what better way to celebrate then to make up a batch of home made dairy and refined sugar free strawberry ice lollies!! These creamy lollies just…

    28th May 2016
  • Supergreens Omelette

    Supergreens Omelette

    Sometimes it’s when I have nothing in my fridge, my favourite recipes are born! An omelette is my go to breakfast/dinner when I don’t have much food in the house, I can’t quite be…

    1st May 2016
  • Summer Cleanse Juice

    Spring Clean Juice

    The world of juicing is a complex one….. Not only is there a whole host of mixed opinions on whether or not juicing is good for you, but there are also so many different…

    17th April 2016
  • My favourite beauty products

    My Favourite Beauty Products

    As you start becoming more aware of what you are putting into your body you naturally become more aware of what you are putting onto it. Your skin is your bodies’ largest organ so…

    10th April 2016
  • Asian Slaw and Pan Fried Salmon

    Quick Pan Fried Salmon with Asian Slaw

    Summer is just around the corner (hopefully) so it’s time to bring out the salads and there’s no better place to start then this quick pan fried salmon and asian slaw recipe! This recipe…

    10th April 2016
  • Mocha Mousse Cake

    Mocha Mousse Cake

    This is the ultimate indulgent pudding! I am not only a huge fan of coffee and cacao, but I LOVE a creamy rich mousse cake, even more so when the cake is dairy and…

    25th March 2016